Life, the Universe, and everything.

I’m about to talk about something that’s deeply personal to me. Now that it’s happened, I can talk about it. I couldn’t talk about it before, because I was in the middle of it and it made me feel bad.


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RSGB HF SSB Field Day, M0YRF and updates

Well, bugger me. I did some radio!

I was invited by the nice chaps at M0YRF – Yorkshire Amateur Radio Friends in Doncaster to take part in the RSGB SSB Field Day this year. The location was the former RAF Holmpton, about 20miles ESE of Hull, Yorkshire in the UK.

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We need to have a talk…

Dear Diary,

I’ve ignored you for too long. The antenna is pooched, I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth with radio. However, I still like it, mostly.

I’m playing Minecraft, and the guitar. I’m working.

That’s about it. I’ll post more, I promise.

Dan ūüôā

Back on the air, and doing quite well

Well, that was a turn up for the books. We had a visitor in the shape of Louis 2U0FER for a few days and the first order of business was getting an antenna up and opening a Scrumpy Jack.

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Bit of a ghost town, this site

Well, I’ve been busy.¬†You can check my logbook¬†and see that I’ve sometimes gone a couple of months without a contact. This has been more noticeable since Andy M0VKG upped sticks and took a job in Victoria, British Columbia.

That’s in Canada.

With him gone, Josey has now passed her Foundation exam and got herself the callsign of M6GKY. Her QRZ will get pimped in good time.

Since I last posted, I’ve played some radio, taken part in the VHF NFD 2012, been to Guernsey to take part in the IOTA contest with Hamtests.¬†All of this is in addition to work, non-paid work, continuing to learn to play the guitar, Christmas, New Year and the non-Apocalypse (which I thought was a load of tripe, anyway).

2012 was a busy year for us and it’s looking like 2013 could hold some big things.

We’ll see…

I finally got Australia!

Well, that’s it… I finally got Australia!

Andy M0VKG¬†got me onto JT65 , as it only requires low power and can pick up a signal through the noise. It’s an amazing mode that can garner some excellent result, both for RX and TX. Take, for example, PSKreporter‘s map for the last 24 hours;


This isn’t too shabby, considering that there’s been a geomagnetic storm happening for the last day or two.¬†The other day, I had markers in South america, south Africa and, of course, Australia. Continue reading

Eventful couple of days – 6m and 12m

Well, it’s been a busy couple of months at Chez M0TCB.

First up, I had to make a short-notice trip to the United States with Mrs M0TCB as her mother was taken ill. The outlook wasn’t very good, hence the short notice. Thankfully, she’s now recovering and is on the mend. Continue reading

All quiet on the radio front…

Unfortunately, I’ve not had much time to do any radio lately, except for the odd half hour here and there for a little PSK.

See, the company I work for got bought by another company last year and there are projects happening to integrate the two companies and their products.

As such, I’ve been sent to Paris for 3-4 days each time. Last week, I was gone from Tuesday until Friday, thus leaving the weekends for everything else, including guitar practice.

The first time I went, 6 weeks ago, I took the¬†Wouxun handheld¬†with me and 2m was dead. I didn’t bother last week, but I may take it with me again and try calling CQ while I wander around.

I’ll report back with any results.


Little bit of portable? Don’t mind if I do!

This afternoon, Andy M0VKG announced he wanted to head out and do some /P from his car, so I went along.

He had four contacts 20m on PSK31 with his FT897D and associated gear on the dashboard, as can be seen below.


We were only out for an hour or so and only 10mins from our QTH, but I was surprised how quick it was to set up and take apart.

Sometime soon, I’ll get my car geared up for radio and take my Icom IC-706 MkIIG out for some portable or mobile.