Well, I’ve been busy. You can check my logbook and see that I’ve sometimes gone a couple of months without a contact. This has been more noticeable since Andy M0VKG upped sticks and took a job in Victoria, British Columbia.

That’s in Canada.

With him gone, Josey has now passed her Foundation exam and got herself the callsign of M6GKY. Her QRZ will get pimped in good time.

Since I last posted, I’ve played some radio, taken part in the VHF NFD 2012, been to Guernsey to take part in the IOTA contest with Hamtests. All of this is in addition to work, non-paid work, continuing to learn to play the guitar, Christmas, New Year and the non-Apocalypse (which I thought was a load of tripe, anyway).

2012 was a busy year for us and it’s looking like 2013 could hold some big things.

We’ll see…