Well, that’s it… I finally got Australia!

Andy M0VKG got me onto JT65 , as it only requires low power and can pick up a signal through the noise. It’s an amazing mode that can garner some excellent result, both for RX and TX. Take, for example, PSKreporter‘s map for the last 24 hours;


This isn’t too shabby, considering that there’s been a geomagnetic storm happening for the last day or two. The other day, I had markers in South america, south Africa and, of course, Australia.

This leads me back to my main point – I worked Australia. I’d gotten quite excited about JT65 and has enjoyed a couple of South American contacts with PY30G and PY3ED. Andy M0VKG had seen on his computer that John VK7XX had been responding to me, yet I hadn’t been able to decode him, hence I was unaware. Andy had been having a conversation with John about Cloudlog (which Andy is involved in and that I use) and Andy explained the situation above.

Perhaps an hour or so later, I’m waiting to see who’s calling and I see (all lit up in red) “M0TCB VK7XX QE38“. Well, I responded and bounced around the room awhile, as JT65 is 60secs per over, which makes it quite a slow mode.

After our QSO, I exchanged a couple of emails with John and he let me know there would be QSL cards in the mail for both Andy and me. Andy worked him last year and again last week.

For reference, this was using 40w out of a Diamond CP-6 on 20m/14076MHz. Needless to say, I’m a very happy ham right now! 🙂

On another note, I’m scanning the QSL cards recieved (for M6AXC, 2E0MEH and M0TCB) and adding them to the Dispatches > QSLs recieved. This won’t cover eQSLs… just paper ones.

Lastly, I wrote out all of the QSL cards for MQ0TCB, It’s a pity, really, as the minimum order is 100, but I’ve only used 25. I’m thinking I may throw one in when sending a QSL card direct, just in case anyone collects them.

I’ve got a day off work tomorrow, so I’m hoping the geomag storm has died down. I checked a couple of hours ago and couldn’t decode anything. Fingers crossed!

Until next time, 73.