Well, bugger me. I did some radio!

I was invited by the nice chaps at M0YRF – Yorkshire Amateur Radio Friends in Doncaster to take part in the RSGB SSB Field Day this year. The location was the former RAF Holmpton, about 20miles ESE of Hull, Yorkshire in the UK.

I’ve known the team (as part of another club) for a few years, so contesting with me a part of the team wasn’t a new experience for most of us. We previously took part in the RSGB VHF Field Day.


We had a Yaesu FT-1000MP MarkV and a homebrew vertical, the specs of which you’ll find in M0YRF’s write-up (or an article in the future) when their new site goes live. What we did as a group will be in that article, so this is more about me, and my experience.

I got there around midday on Saturday and the team had already set up. After a few brews and some catching up, the contest started. I did some logging for a few of the operators, as I’m rather rusty on t’wireless, and wanted to listen and get my ears back.

After some pizza got delivered for dinner, I prepared the car with an airbed for my accommodation. I usually take a tent, but the forecast suggested some moisture, so I opted for the easier option. I went to bed around 9.30pm and slept through my alarm at midnight. I slept until 5am, when I woke up much colder than anticipated. So after a few more brews to warm me up, I set up the GoPro for a sunrise timelapse. A still from this follows;


This morning, the weather was glorious, so I went for a walk (2.5miles) and picked up a nearby geocache and found the nearest village with no newsagent. I took some photos, though, including this panorama;

Holmpton Withernsea pano


Seaside Road in Holmpton ends rather abruptly due to coastal erosion, with a very fitting message;

Holmpton Seaside road end 2

And looks like this at the edge;

Holmpton Seaside Road

Upon returning back to the operating site, I got on the radio and got a handful in the log, including the 500th QSO for that contest. It was lovely to crack out a few contacts with a decent antenna (see “Updates” below).

After some breakfast (a burger, sausage, bacon, and cheese butty, expertly crafted by Mark M6KMS) we took a few group shots and I headed home.


I’d like to thank everyone at M0YRF for a corking weekend, filling with booze and laughs, and for welcoming me back into amateur radio like an old friend.



So, the modified W3EDP end-fed wire is buggered. I’m not sure where, I need to do some testing. I’ll do it at some point, but I’m thinking that a multi-band HF vertical might be in order at some point. Louis would be disappointed. 🙁

This weekend has given me the bug again, and I plan to jump back in as soon as I can. 🙂